Sweet Decay

Sweet Decay

At my home.
I must admit I adore creating a living space here in Second Life. I am kind of looking for that “lived in” look. Slightly shabby and distressed.
I love to dress up. Since mesh has come along it has opened up another world of realism for me. Some of the creations you kind find I world are truly amazing. I take my hat of to the skill and creativity to the creators. I wonder what they will achieve with the new “materials” capabilities in the next few months. I for one can not wait and will be following it very closely.
I love the relationships I make in Second Life. They are very real to me as of course we are dealing with real people behind the AV’s. I often wonder what are the differences between RL and SL relationships. Perhaps we feel less inhibited in our SL lives. Free to do and say what we like. For me yes there is a little bit of that. In my world that extra freedom does not give me the right to offend people. As I grow older the more I value my friendships 🙂


One thought on “Sweet Decay

  1. It is lovely to see others who value friendship within a virtual world. I always believe that good friendships within secondlife are the hidden reward for recognising the reality of another avatar and not just concentrating on the pixels.

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