SL GO :-)

Hi All

I had a nice sail in the Blake sea today. Saw some good friends and tried out SL GO. It was very successful as I was in bed using my laptop. Basically my laptop on ultra settings turns SL in to a bit of a slide show sometimes lol. SL GO gets around this by having another computer somewhere in the world do all the cpu hogging calculations. the results are then sent back to you as a video. It worked well for me. My inputs are very quick hardly any lag at all. The environment rezzes very quickly. In fact much faster than my powerful desktop. I live away from town so my internet connection is not super fast but my 4Mbps held up nicely 🙂 You may get a little blurring but nothing that makes it unuseable. If your friends or family are also using the same internet connection then the quality could suffer I guess. You can try it for free for 20 mins but you will need a credit card to register. It is available for PC, Mac and android. Hopefully for iPad too in the future.

Below is a raw screen shot of SL using SL GO on my laptop this morning. Not bad ?

SL  GO  Peace Connie x x x


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