Finally :-) A post :-)

I have had a weeks holiday away from my very busy job and I got motivated to do a SL photo and update my blog. I only wish my life was like this all the time 🙂 I am inspired from the nice things people say about my photo’s it helps me get motivated to do some more. Perhaps I can keep it going this time. I hope so.

One up side of all the work I am doing is that for the first time ever I am building my own computer. It will be a beast and look pretty too. I will post a photo when I have finished. I am so excited with its progress. My hope is too be able to run SL completely maxed out  at a good frame rate. Also I am thinking of the next generation of SL which will be more demanding our computers than the present one. I am also getting ready for VR. I so want to see what SL looks like with a Oculus Rift strapped to my head. Maybe I will get swallowed up in to a VR vortex and leave my rl 😛 Seriously I can see much fun ahead and I really do want to be part of it 🙂  .

Anyway here is my picture for the day. It was taken at Bumrose. This place is like a magnet for me. I keep on coming back. It is so beautifully put together. It has a nice community and I am getting to know people as they keep on coming back too lol.

Bumrose  ;-)


See you in world 🙂  Connie x x x


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