I have learnt a bit :-)

Hi all  🙂

How are you all ? 🙂

As a good friend told me today “If you stop learning you start dying”. I guess it does not ring true with everybody but for me I feel so much more alive if I am achieving my goals 🙂 I have been off work this week so I got busy updating my PC and learning some photoshop. It has all gone well. The PC is running faultlessly and I have learnt some techniques in photoshop. I used YouTube as my resource. Would be stuck in the mud if it was not for that bit of wonder 🙂

Anyway I have just finished a photo. You would not believe the time and effort it took to get the result. I was learning stuff on the go so it was very sloooow going 🙂 The main thing I enjoyed the learning. I bit like a journey. I got to my destination 🙂

Eternal Rest

To me it looks like it was taken in some old Mediterranean house. In fact I built it in my house and I was glad to take it down so I could have my house back in order 😛Photo Shoot

I have finished building my system for the time being. It works well. I use the lower monitor for my main one. Having two makes it more productive for me. My tower creaks occasionally inside. Kinda cute 🙂

New System

See you in world 🙂 x x x


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