Time to close the Hatches :-)

Hi All 🙂

Ha I just paid my credit card bill. It was massive 🙂 I have invested a lot in a new system and it working like a dream 🙂

It is time to spend less money and concentrate on learning some techniques in photoshop. It is fun for me 🙂

I have loads to learn 🙂

Graceful Decay

Every time I upload a photo I see loads of mistakes lol. I guess that is the learning process 🙂

See you in world x x  x


I have learnt a bit :-)

Hi all  🙂

How are you all ? 🙂

As a good friend told me today “If you stop learning you start dying”. I guess it does not ring true with everybody but for me I feel so much more alive if I am achieving my goals 🙂 I have been off work this week so I got busy updating my PC and learning some photoshop. It has all gone well. The PC is running faultlessly and I have learnt some techniques in photoshop. I used YouTube as my resource. Would be stuck in the mud if it was not for that bit of wonder 🙂

Anyway I have just finished a photo. You would not believe the time and effort it took to get the result. I was learning stuff on the go so it was very sloooow going 🙂 The main thing I enjoyed the learning. I bit like a journey. I got to my destination 🙂

Eternal Rest

To me it looks like it was taken in some old Mediterranean house. In fact I built it in my house and I was glad to take it down so I could have my house back in order 😛Photo Shoot

I have finished building my system for the time being. It works well. I use the lower monitor for my main one. Having two makes it more productive for me. My tower creaks occasionally inside. Kinda cute 🙂

New System

See you in world 🙂 x x x

A Good Day :-)

Hi All 🙂

So as you may have guessed it has been a good day for me. I hope it has been a good day for you 🙂

I have rented a house in Neva Sky. I get the bug every now and again 🙂 I want to learn some photoshop so the idea is I will do it here were I can arrange stuff and not worry about being in anybody’s way. Neva Sky is a super cool place. Come on over and have a look some time 🙂

I managed to find a top that fitted my maitreya body reasonably well. It is made by Addams and I got it from Callabor88. I brought the fatpack which includes denim shorts and a great hud so you can change colors and styles. Hey do not take my word for it:-) Try the demo 🙂 I will show off the shorts in another blog.

I received a new monitor this morning 🙂 It has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 which makes a very sharp picture . It also has a ips panel which makes the colors more vivid compared to my old monitor. The down side to all of the loveliness is that it has killed my fps a little bit. I am ok about that as I do love i-candy (Is there such a word?). I had to increase the ui of firestorm as it was a bit if a struggle to read it 😛 Easy fix anyway.

Connie Neva Sky

My new home is in the kinda shabby French style. That is my attempt anyway 🙂

I have done enough tech for one day going out on my cycle now 🙂

See you in world 🙂 x xx

Mesh Rules :-)

Hi All 🙂

Get yourself down to Crestwick it is so Lush. I love that American small town shabby look 🙂 I could happily live there.

I think I am totally mesh now days. I have be waiting for this to happen for ages 🙂 The only thing I lack is a casual top. I guess I will have to wander SL in my bra for now 😛

Chilling At Crestwick

See you in world 🙂 x x x x

What If ? :-)

Hi All 🙂

Just got back from the Dentist. I feel slightly violated after have a stranger put his fingers in my mouth for 30 minutes 😛 I rushed back home afterwards and booted up photoshop to take my mind off it 🙂

I brought the Bandit IF from the Mesh Shop. It is a lovely boat with some cute animations when raising and lowering the sails. They also have animations for adjusting the sails 🙂 It is super fun sailing with two as you can share the activities. One can steer and the other can adjust the sails. It is great for me as if I have to do both and chat at the same time I can go in to melt down mode 🙂

Saling With Lucy

See you in world 🙂 x x x

I finished it !!

Hi All 🙂

I hope you are all having a fun day 🙂

I finally managed to get my new computer up and running 🙂

The research for parts was time consuming but fun. The building was relatively easy 🙂 the loading of windows 8.1 was confusing at times. Coming from windows 7 to 8.1 is a learning curve for me. 🙂

I am pleased with what I have achieved 🙂  Would have been very difficult for me with out the YouTube as I used it as my main source of information.

The general performance is great. So much faster at loading windows and programs. I used to go and make a drink when I turned my computer on and it was still not ready when I sat down. Now it is just a matter of seconds. My only disappointment is how loud the fans are. I have got thirteen lol. It is probably overkill and I will find a fix it time 🙂

Connie Re-born

See you in world 🙂 A smoother experience for me now 🙂 x x

Crestwick Island :-)

Hi everybody 🙂

I am having a eventful Bank Holiday 🙂

I got a taxi to Crestwick Island. I am glad I did. It is a photographers dream.

Here is the description from the landmark:

Crestwick Island is a small working class town situated on an Island in the middle of a beautiful bay. The streets are lined with businesses and shops as well as parks, marsh land and other surprises including a giant hill that supports an observatory.

If you have a chance get yourself a taxi and have a look round 🙂

Crestwick Island

Gotta cut my rl grass now. So wish it was the virtual type 😛

See you in world  x x x x x x